Sunday, 22 August 2010

Summary of the cricket trip

Last year I blogged about the trip and explained what it's about so check that out if you want the context. As suggested this year we wanted to see Lancashire and happily that meant that Canterbury was an option.

Accommodation was superb and included free, off-road parking. It was in Christ Church University student accommodation but off campus and close to the city centre.

And now for the awards discussed and agreed on Saturday morning. Pub of the week was The Thomas Beckett in Best Lane. Smashing boozer with no music or TV but decent beer and good food. Beer of the week was Whitstable Brewery Oyster Stout at The West Gate Inn (Wetherspoon) and the Priory mild in The Old Buttermarket was jolly nice too. And so was the Whistable Brewery beer we had in the Old Brewery Tavern (can't remember the name of it - we only had a couple and it was gone when we called there on Friday night). The Old Brewery Tavern also had the best toilets and the best outside drinking area (off-street) and a nice TV for watching some of the test match on Wednesday afternoon. Best on-street outside drinking area is The Buttermarket. The worst pub by a distance was the Three Tuns. An olde world pub playing "house" music far too loud to a few customers who were all commenting that they didn't like it - it was obviously on for the staff rather than the clientèle. We entered between tracks or we'd not have gone in. Service (and the music) were so poor that people were leaving rather than waiting to be served in what must have been the least busy pub in Canterbury on Friday night. Coffee of the week was the latte in the Farmers Market at Canterbury West station.

We didn't have a "third day trip" this year but had two full days of cricket. We didn't have any cricket on Wednesday but did have rather a lot of beer. We've not yet planned next year but this year was a classic without a doubt.

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