Thursday, 31 August 2006


Had another day in Canterbury while the garage had the car. They couldn't do the work it was in for because, after spending three hours taking it apart, they found they didn't have the tool they needed to do the task.

Photo taken with the phone - it's a group of monks from the US visiting Canterbury Cathedral.

Just in case.......


Couple of things that have come up today.

Firstly the word is that the photo of me wearing the robe isn't as good as the older one with the red tee shirt so I'll change back to that (it's 20 years old now but flattering...........)

OU people might like to pick up on a discussion about democracy in OUSA that's happening in OUSA Consultation on FC. Sorry for those excluded from this discussion but that's just the bad person I can be at times! :-)

Wednesday, 30 August 2006

This is a new post

This is from the OU Regional Office at East Grinstead

Tuesday, 29 August 2006


Those of us old enough to be able to name both of The Flowerpotmen and also the love interest will know that life is too short for many things and faffing around finding all the bits and pieces needed to tax the car is one of them. Not any more! The tax runs out on 31/08 and the MOT is due early next month. The MOT is booked but because mechanics have a weird sense of humour I now find that there is a one day job that needs doing before the MOT and they only chose to mention this when I rang to book the MOT. Grrrr!

Anyway - now that we live in the wired world it is the work of a moment to plug in the reference number for the new licence and the web site rushes off and checks that the car has a valid MOT certificate and that I have insurance to drive the car and, satisfied that both are in place, it takes my money and I'm promised the tax disc in 5 working days!

BTW - Bill and Ben and Little Weed.

Tuesday, 22 August 2006

The other ones.........

As promised - "Cows with guns" and "The ebay song". I think there is probably a new genre that should be included in the pop charts now that they include downloads, I'd bet good money (but not mine of course) that the ebay song is up there with the Snow Monkeys or Arctic Patrol or any of these other young pop combos.

Monday, 21 August 2006

You have to be special

to have a special marker on your car when you go back to the car park! Yes I stuck the pod on top but that's not special in Cornwall during the summer so having a gull following you around and perching on top of your car whenever you park is really important!

Yes! The children are mine and so is the car and the roof-box. The gull probably claims no master but Falmouth town council take the money for the car park.

Are you alive?

Get to the end of this without moving your foot and/or hand and/or shoulder and you are probably, clinically dead.

Sunday, 20 August 2006


There are 4 Tate galleries in England and this is where one of them is located (it's actually on the other side of the headland). Lovely place and the best way to get there is to park and ride using the train from Lelant Saltings - it runs along the estuary of the river Hayle with lovely views. GBP8 for parking and train travel is a great deal in comparison with parking in the town (which is usually full!)


I don't suppose this will mean much to those outside the UK but this is The Eden Project. Built in a disused quarry the details of the project are here. Anyone who gets a chance to go I'd thoroughly recommend it - a fantastic place!

Saturday, 19 August 2006


...............we don't need words. I took a load of shots like this - we spent two evenings watching the sun go down from above Fistral beach in Newquay.


Drove back from Cornwall today - five hours to get to Bristol from Newquay and then 2.5 hours from there to Maidstone! On a nadgery lane in Devon we were following a very large camper van which had a little car on a towing bracket, probably to use to get into town as the camper wasn't of the size that you'd want to take into most West Country villages! Anyway - on one particular bend they ran a litte wide, the towed car ran up the bank and tipped over. The driver of the camper carried on blissfully unaware that his "runaround" was blocking the road. Nobody was hurt so those of us held up by the obstruction rolled it back onto the round rubbery things and bounced it out of the way. Photo taken by Jemma and the second shot shows one of the shirts (with me in it!) as we surveyed the wreckage prior to rolling it out of the way.

Wednesday, 2 August 2006


Popped into a shop in Canterbury and found some Nepalise shirts. Cheese-cloth, long sleeves, really cool in this weather. They are lovely and cheap! Invested in 4 and they really suit my "born again" hippy lifestyle. And they are sooooooooooo comfy!


Took the old router back, no replacment but they had a better lump of kit for only 30GBP more. Bit of haggling and so forth and paid 3GBP more (ex-30% discount) so I'm online (with broadband) again!