Sunday, 28 January 2007

Blokey stuff

I guess that Top Gear is seen as a symbol of blokey beer culture but I'm afraid I do enjoy it. I didn't see it tonight though - forgot it was on and I was working anyway - but caught up with it on the web site. Anyone who hasn't seen Hamster's 280 MPH crash should check it out and also the very scary caravanning clip.

2 careful considerations:

Morning-Loves-It said...

I love Top Gear Nog. The three of them are so different and entertaining and lovely blokes. I also enjoy Clarkson and A A Gill when they Go On A Jaunt and write articles together.

Hampster's eyes were wider than ever and I could hardly watch when he was making those comments before he started the speed drive because we Knew What Happened Next.

I am glad the three of them have vowed never to mention the Crash on TG ever again.

It's repeated later in the week Nog.

Hera said...

I don't see why you have called this blog 'Blokey stuff', I aren't really a feminist (nor a woman that is more like a bloke) but the humerous content in Top Gear is fab, I laugh more a that than the vast majority of sitcoms!