Wednesday, 19 September 2007


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I didn't take this photo - my mum did when she was down for the graduation. I'm using now because the local BBC have arranged a showing of "A Canterbury Tale" a film made in 1944. It's special because it was filmed in Canterbury and shows much of the bomb damage and vistas of the cathedral no longer visible as buildings have grown up again to restrict the views.

The photo is of the supposed site of the martydom of Archbishop Thomas Becket on 29th December, 1170 - supposed because accounts vary, it was certainly there or thereabouts. Bad day for him but without it York would probably still be the seat of the church in England and Canterbury would have little to look forward to except a market once a week. Thomas turned the town into an internationally renowned tourist attraction and inspired generations of men and women to build an awesome cathedral (UNESCO World Heritage site number 496) which, in turn, inspired countless men and women to visit and spend some of their hard-earned cash in the town. Now there are a couple of universities, always close by seats of religion, and a swanky new shopping centre but the jewel in the crown remains the cathedral and tonight, for the first time ever, a feature film was shown in the nave. The star of the film is Canterbury.

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bluefluff said...

(Still not totally comfortable with being labelled a sniggerer just because I want to say something, but hey...)

They should show the 1964 Burton-O'Toole "Becket"; having been there, I duly remember very little of the 60s, but that murder scene is still in my head.

Nogbad said...

One of the book shops in town showed that film, in the shop window, throughout summer and whenever I passed I had to stop and watch. Even without sound watching those two "big beasts" on screen was great.

fjl said...

Wow, it's something to see, isn't it. We think we're put through the mill, and then look at that...!

I want to do a post on St Thomas More, but I want to do him justice and I haven't really got the time...