Monday, 31 December 2007

So here we are again!

The end of another year. Been a busy one for most of us; I've moved house and I'm still unpacking and trying to work out why I bothered shoving some of the stuff into boxes rather than straight down the tip. Mark Jopling (Historian of Kingston) wrote a great piece about one little slice of WWII and how it happened in Bishopsbourne - read it here.

Hope everyone has a great time tonight and a peaceful and prosperous 2008!

4 careful considerations:

pal said...

Happy New Year to You. All the best for 2008 xxx

bluefluff said...

Good, but sad story.
Wishing you an even better 2008 than 2007 :-)

kat said...

Happy New Year.

Echomouse said...

Happy New Year!!!

p.s. Told ya you shoulda thrown stuff out ;) lol