Saturday, 22 March 2008

Boyz night in

The weather precludes anything which means staying outside for long so Cal and I have had a film-fest. Stocked up on food yesterday and got stuck in to "Casino Royale". We saw it at the cinema shortly after release and I'm still a fan though I think it gets lost a little in the middle. Today we had to go out (cab service for Rowan) but we slotted in "National Treasure" and "Die Hard 4.0". We saw National treasure 2 at the cinema recently so it was interesting to see how much it followed the formula/plot of the first. Bruce Willis in vest and blood is predictable but fun and comparing the 21st C plot with the original is fascinating.

Cal is going home tomorrow and I've still got another four films to watch!

2 careful considerations:

bluefluff said...

Wot, no pic? :-(

bluefluff said...

Working now :-)
Actually it's probably been working for ages but I only just checked back!