Wednesday, 7 May 2008


It's now possible to rate OpenLearn units and the SLN project is reaching its end. If anyone found "Working Online" useful or interesting or that it cleaned whiter than white and got all the stains out please hit the link and rate the unit. You know it makes sense :-)

3 careful considerations:

kat said...

Which is high 1 or 5. I could have made a big mistake - seriously

Nogbad said...

I think 5 is best Kat but it's not really a problem - I think they are more interested in measuring traffic than worrying about the grade allocated :-)

kat said...

Oh that's okay then. It should explain the grading system otherwise people are likely to make mistakes, and if they do the feedback is useless. ( I don't think it explains it but I was tired at the time so who knows? )

Sometimes a grade 1 is best but at other times we are asked to grade on a 5 star or similar basis. Lucky for you, I had just been reading some book/product reviews and had the 5 star rating in my head.