Wednesday, 13 August 2008


There is a cycle in blogging and I've reached the point at which most of us apologise because we've not posted for a while - so I won't.

The reasons I've not posted include spending the weekend with my son and taking him to see "The Dark Knight" (we're liking that!) and enjoying my birthday with a family meal. I'm also on the final leg of the latest course, E891, and working on the ECA which is due in at the beginning of September. Also writing some stuff for a couple of employers who will put money towards my booze funds if I get this stuff done.

I'm also considering applying to do an EdD (that's a Doctorate in Education) and bumbling around looking at what that entails.

So that's some of why I've been quiet - so there!

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Carrie A said...

Glad to hear such happy news! It all sounds so much better than the usual reasons people give for being busy, I'm happy for you. I also hope things calm down soon though. I miss hearing from you.