Thursday, 28 May 2009

MP's expenses

I'm really pleased that some of the MP's have had the grace to recognise that they can't continue. It's not about "following the rules", it's about what is right, proper and moral. Taking money for duck houses, to build a cottage for your gardener or your brother is wrong and they should have realised that at the time - they've been lining their nests' but morally bankrupt.

Call me greedy but I want more. I don't want these people to get the automatic parachute payment to which MPs are entitled if they lose their seat. I'd much rather they didn't complete the time between now and the election and I certainly want my money back. Allowances and expenses last year were nearly £93M. That's how much MPs decided to pocket over and above their salary. Now that's not all of them but just the greedy ones. Nor is it all, by any means, shady. But if we cut that by 50% we could pay a few more teachers and nurses and coppers. We could even get rid of the silly changes to HE funding.

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