Thursday, 18 March 2010

Possible GCSE Maths questions

Nissan have announced that the electric car; the Leaf, will be manufactured in Sunderland. This car has a top speed of 90 MPH and a range of 100 MPH. Currently the only public charging stations in the south east are in London.

  • Q1 Exactly how long will it take (in hours, mins, secs) to run out of power assuming no traffic jams?
  • Q2 Exactly how far from home (miles, feet, inches) would you be when the charge is fully dissipated?
  • Q3 Within 1 degree how cold will it be on the night that this happens? 
  • Q4 Will it be raining?
  • Q5 Will you still feel smug about buying a technology which isn't really commercially viable yet?  

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