Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Live Aid

"It's twelve noon in London, seven AM in Philadelphia, and around the world it's time for; Live Aid ...."

Twenty five years ago today - "The day the music changed the world". Poor digital communications, an estimated 2 billion viewers across more than 50 countries, Queen spent three weeks rehearsing for a 20 minute set, no web site for giving money so it was all taken by telephone - it supposedly increased to £300 per second after Geldof's rant which exhorted people to "give us your fucking money". Total monies raised is estimated to be in the order of £150M.

It's still a very powerful film and a very powerful message and there are still parts of these world where children are starving but Live Aid made a difference; it raised money and, more importantly, it raised awareness. It wasn't the first charity concert but it spawned any number of "Something Aid" gigs and led to Live8 in 2005.

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