Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Sic transit gloria mundi

This image is one of a set I took around Salford Quays while waiting for Jemma on Sunday evening. When I was a young man at catering college Manchester Liners still sailed between Manchester and Canada and they were often suggested as a suitable employer for newly trained chefs. I didn't join them, Manchester Liners went bust and the docks fell into disuse and then disrepair - coincidence? In some ways the reason that the docks survived physically is that the river Irwell, which flows through the centre of Manchester and forms the border between the cities of Salford and Manchester, flows into the docks; the buildings might be bulldozed but the water will still need to go somewhere. 

This shot is looking west, downstream, from beside The Lowry; the Imperial War Museum is out of shot on the left. While I might have fleetingly considered a life on the ocean wave my father would have been seasick looking at this photo.

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