Wednesday, 25 May 2011


Some of you might have picked up on the Blipfoto stream on the right hand side of this blog. If you've followed the links you'll know that Blipfoto is a photosharing service where users post a photo taken on that day. This weekend I'll hit the 365th entry; a year of daily shots. The discipline of having to take a photo each day and posting it has changed how I look at things and, sadly, some of the best images are only available while I'm driving. I saw a kite flying overhead yesterday while tootling up the motorway, the mist rising in fields next to the M26 some winter mornings is stunning, today I saw a newborn lamb as I was negotiating a roundabout and while I wasn't in the car I couldn't snap the green woodpecker next to the walls of a Cat B prison as the prison service tend to get tense about stuff like that. I've also learnt a good deal about how to use the camera - I've learnt a bit about how light works and something about framing and focus and aperture and focal length (even if I generally forget all this stuff when I'm looking through the viewfinder).

So here's a shot of the most fragrant jasmine and it serves as a reminder that the camera can freeze a moment in time but it can't capture all the other things that make something special. I hope you've enjoyed some of the photos I've posted on here and that you've had a look at Blipfoto.

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