Friday, 18 November 2011

Another about school visits

Don't assume that everyone knows how to get round the school - mention that there will be guides for visitors. Comments like "Come and find my office, it's where the old library used to be" don't help at all.

Talk to him not me. He's a young adult and while he might appear to struggle with spoken English he's your customer, not me. I might be an influencer but if you've ignored him and told me what you do in your lessons you've lost him. I won't understand (or care) and he'll think that you are rude - as will I. Perhaps from there you can work out what direction my influence might take?  

Allowing teachers to threaten students during visits probably won't help. Last night I heard a teacher ask someone their name and he then told the young man that he'd be "out of the school" if he continued to talk to his friend. I've no idea if this was justified but it was not appropriate in front of that young man's peers or visitors. Teaching isn't about the power trip and publicly humiliating young adults is distasteful.

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