Friday, 6 March 2015

Today was a good day! (In pictures)

I didn't have the bacon roll although it was very tempting. Instead I had some of the healthiest cake in the world - and it was very scrummy indeed so though it was good for me I also enjoyed it!  

There was tea and lots of chat and laughs. We talked about what we've been doing since the office closed and offered advice to one of our number who had an interview at a Benedictine school that afternoon. I advised drinking a couple of bottles of Bucky and a few Brandy & Benedictines to demonstrate piety. You'll probably recognise that I am not and never have been employed by a religious order and thus my advice was based more on a hunch than any empirical evidence. On the plus side - I've never failed an interview to work for a religious order so my advice may have some value. 

Afterwards I went to see the sea because it's the only sensible thing to do really. This photo shows the Seven Sisters from Birling Gap. It's a place I know well and erosion is carving away chunks of it each year. The National Trust are losing the car park at such a rate that they will need to charge £20/hour to keep the income at the old levels. 

Despite all the signs warning that the cliffs are fragile there were families sunbathing on the beach next to fresh falls of chalk. Now chalk may not seem heavy but this isn't the same as the stuff the teacher might have thrown at you for yawning in class (or was that just me?). This is big angry rocks off the stuff and it's arriving after falling a couple of hundred metres and, just to jazz things up, there are big flint nodes in the debris too. If you fancy sunbath down at Birling Gap it's always best to stay away from the cliffs.

I'd hate anyone to think I'm getting into geology (or "rock fondling" as it is often called) so I'll not mention that Winchelsea and Rye sit on top of islands of rock surrounded by the alluvial plain which forms the flat land and marshes along this stretch of coast. So I drove up the hill to Winchelsea (which is where Spike Milligan is buried) and down the other side and then round the hill that Rye sits on.

The blip shows a better shot of the landscape at Birling Gap. Click on these images to see them in loud - all taken with my phone or tablet.     

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