Thursday, 1 September 2005

Approximately 06:30 this AM. This view from my bedroom window. I had to dash downstairs for the camera otherwise I'd have taken some of them surrounding the car or wandering into my garden. You can't see the sheep dogs but there were three and before the sheep were in view I could hear the shepherd whistling to them as the sheep were brought down the hill in the field at the end of the terrace - they were too early for The Mermaid so none dived in for a beer!

I know someone is bound to ask - 300, you don't need to count them - my neighbour asked the shepherd as he passed.

12 careful considerations:

Angie said...

Definitely not something you would see in the Bay Area! LOL

So tell me, does seeing sheep make you feel frisky??

Just curious. ;)

kat said...

Good job it wasn't opening time. The sheep may have prevented you from getting in. :-)

Nogbad said...

Wromg country Angie - it's the States where being affectionate with animals is still legal in places remember? :-)

Take more than a few hundred sheep Kat.........!!!!

Echo Mouse said...

That is just beautiful! It's like you live in a land of fairytales. Wow. It's gorgeous!! I would LOVE it if sheep were herded down my street. LOL

I was trying to spot my favourite piglet Babe in there, to see if he was herding them all. Now that would just be the ultimate :)

Wendy said...

Can I go live with you? Please, I promise to cook something and clean something...what you say? Wanna sponsor an American woman?

Bluefluff said...

That's lovely, Nog - thanks for sharing :-)

ScaryCheri said...

that's awesome!
Great pic!

When I lived in the North Carolina Mountains, every now and then cows from a nearby field would break out and scatter all over our property.

First time it happened I was awakened at 7 AM by the Moo-ing of a cow outside my bedroom window.
Im my half asleep state of mind all I could wonder ws "who the hell left their cow here?!?"

Nogbad said...

Oh Wendy! What a lovely idea! Excepting of course that I cook - it's part of who I am and what I do. And cleaning is so over-rated don'tcha think? Were I to decide to sponsor an American woman would there be some sort of play off for the final? I'm trying to think of how we might arrange that!

Hiya Lynne - It was simply one of those lovely moments. Upsy downsy - It reminded me of part of what I have here but I understand that the shepherd's life (we all know everything about everyone here) is less than idylic and his daughter committed suicide a few years ago. I'm not aiming for sensationalism but just to show that things happen.

Nogbad said...

"who the hell left their cow here?!?"

Easy question to find oneself dealing with really isn't it?

(Move along everyone, nothing to see here - it's just Cheri losing it in some style - move along)

ScaryCheri said...

lol, you have to know though that people would frequently "dump" unwanted pets on my door step because I was the local "dog girl" and it was somehow easier for them to drive miles out to my house than it was to take them to the shelter where I worked I immediatly assumed someone had dumped a cow on me...heh

Inner Fonzie said...

LOL Nog! Too Funny.. both the post and response to ScaryCheri.

However, while it may be not-illegal in certain States of the Americas to have carnal knowledge of Farm animals, they must at least like it a little bit. I mean, in Turkey, they detest it so much they are killing themselves.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the Yorkshire boys might be in for a good night.
Is that a truck load of wellies I see on the road there ahead of them?