Tuesday, 29 August 2006


Those of us old enough to be able to name both of The Flowerpotmen and also the love interest will know that life is too short for many things and faffing around finding all the bits and pieces needed to tax the car is one of them. Not any more! The tax runs out on 31/08 and the MOT is due early next month. The MOT is booked but because mechanics have a weird sense of humour I now find that there is a one day job that needs doing before the MOT and they only chose to mention this when I rang to book the MOT. Grrrr!

Anyway - now that we live in the wired world it is the work of a moment to plug in the reference number for the new licence and the web site rushes off and checks that the car has a valid MOT certificate and that I have insurance to drive the car and, satisfied that both are in place, it takes my money and I'm promised the tax disc in 5 working days!

BTW - Bill and Ben and Little Weed.

3 careful considerations:

Bluefluff said...

It's a wonderful place, the wired world :-)
Bet it has no oncoming JCBs, either....

methel said...

so now I know how the guy in the 4x4 towing a caravan and parked in the cliffside carpark next to me got his road tax when there was absolutely NO tread on his tyres... I'm thinking of moving entirely into the wired world - a lot safer in there even with viruses and all the rest!

Nogbad said...

No JCBs here Bluefluff! :-)

Methel - no need to really have tyres at all, in fact to tax a car onlne you don't even need a car!