Thursday, 31 August 2006


Couple of things that have come up today.

Firstly the word is that the photo of me wearing the robe isn't as good as the older one with the red tee shirt so I'll change back to that (it's 20 years old now but flattering...........)

OU people might like to pick up on a discussion about democracy in OUSA that's happening in OUSA Consultation on FC. Sorry for those excluded from this discussion but that's just the bad person I can be at times! :-)

7 careful considerations:

Bluefluff said...

We like the summer 05 T-shirt & the City blue best :-)
Seen your OUSA stuff - incredibly powerful! You're too good for them, cos most of them just want to play their little power games!

Nogbad said...

Thanks (re OUSA) - I'm getting annoyed and that's never good :-)

Morning-Loves-It said...

I wish I'd read what they wouldn't let me read of yours because I've been reading everything you've posted in there and I've learned so much.

Don't understand it all but maybe I will one day?

Nogbad said...

Mornev - the zapped stuff was judged to be asking tough questions in the wrong place (rather than being offensive). I have a feeling that the new conference, when it opens, will be meaty!

I don't think any of us understand it all and that's part of the problem really - I'm convinced nobody set out to make it all so difficult but that's where it is now.

Morning-Loves-It said...

'Meaty Matters' then?

Tough questions need to be asked and answered don't they?

My current OU course is very disapproving, in grammatical terms, of rhetorical question marks and exclamation ones too!!!!

Nogbad said...

What are you studying? My life would end if I couldn't use rhetoric! :-)

Morning-Loves-It said...

A215 Creative Writing and I'm just editing a 2000 word TMA that I wrote within a 'Stream of Conciousness' and its full off ??? and !!!

One thing I have discovered though is ambiguous sentences. I do them all the time and I remember you pulling my leg about one of mine years ago. I was quite alarmed at how many there were in my 'Stream of Conciousness' writing ;-)