Thursday, 23 November 2006

Where I am now

Slack blogging or what? Sorry, mea culpa! Right now I'm finishing some work which has to be done in 8 hours time and I'm busier than a one-armed paperhanger. Reason for post (and this won't mean anything outside those parts of the English speaking world which retain some REAL culture):

Aggers and Boycs
Hoggard to Langer
Summer will never be the same again
A real sporting event - possibly the biggest in the developed world

I hope you are all behaving nicely, recent events in my world include a couple of sessions talking to students studying Animal Management (?), more of the New Media stuff in London, getting a contract on a new job (couple of days a week), starting to study a level 1 (UG) course, starting to teach on the October starts on two undergrad course and generally enjoying life!

3 careful considerations:

Anonymous said...

what level 1 did you chose then? (Apologies if you get this message twice, never know whether to sign in with old username or Google account nowdays!)

methel said...

hummmmph! Culture? not my idea of culture at all. Having been the only girl in a generation of boy cousins in a Yorkshire family I suffered from this throughout my teens! No wonder I'm an ice hockey fan now is it?

Nogbad said...

Tina - T178, Leonardo. It's lovely but I think I'm in a fugue state waiting for my reults. People are pushing me towards further study at a higher level and, to be frank, I'm scared witless!

Methel - Sadly the Independent State of Tykeland has burdened the world with a mysogyny completely out of place in the 19th let alone the 21st century. So you have my unending sympathy for this but if one ignores the gibberings of Bird and Boycs and looks at the game itself..........