Monday, 6 November 2006

Whoops again!

Look, I'm sorry I haven't been around but one thing bashes into another and I'm "time poor" (love that term because it's so naff!) Quick skim over the news. Saddam has been found guilty just in time for the mid-term elections in the States. I'd guess that Bush asked for the Second Coming but Rumsfeld, Cheney and Halliburton couldn't get it arranged in time. It also seems that everyone who has ever dissed gay unions is being popped out of the closet so things are tricky in the US. Here life goes on and the coronation of Brown looks to be going well, the leadership candidates having parted like the Red Sea. Of course there is one fly in the ointment and it's good to see that Hilary is carrying on the family tradition of being both obnoxious and right at inopportune moments. As yet Blair hasn't commented on the Saddam verdict, Beckett managed to support the outcome without mentioning the sentence while Hague managed to stop cheering long enough to support hanging and avoided suggesting that the death penalty might be a better solution to the UK's problems than ASBOs. Menzies Campbell actually made most sense when he questioned the value of making Saddam a martyr but who listens to the Liberals? I'm going to be absent again as I am working a 19 day fortnight - don't ask, it's just that it's often difficult to say "no" when people offer contracts.

2 careful considerations:

Anonymous said...

LOL I should just come here for news. That's the best roundup I've seen :)

Try not to work tooooo hard!

methel said...

just back from DC I can bring the latest!! day after the fun happened most of streets around the Capitol and White House were sealed off - lest, one suspects, there were to be riots...dream on - there was scarce a dog let alone anyone else to be seen and certainly not any nation shaking revolution!! Finally, on Sunday the police, national guard, sniffer dogs etc descended on the Hyatt Regency hotel to check it out before the local Washington big wigs were due to stage a party there to welcome the newly elected democrats! Wot, did someone mention "fawning" and "fickle"???? No comment dear reader - I left.