Friday, 29 June 2007

Connected me!

The connected academic
Your Result: Connected academic

You are the future! You've taken openness, connectedness and 2.0ness to heart. You are an asset to your organisation. I would be happy to be your Facebook friend.

Mildly connected academic
Unconnected academic
The connected academic
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2 careful considerations:

Schorschi said...

Nigel - After trying & failing for 5 years to teach me how to write a Lotus 123 Macro, would you have expected anything less.....

Your Result: Unconnected academic

Oh dear, you've not taken this web 2.0 stuff to heart have you? It's possible you may be an enemy of the future. It's not too late, start a Flickr photostream today, get blogging and you can still be part of the warm, connected world.

Nogbad said...

But that might say more about my teaching skills than your technical skills?