Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Social networking

One of the things I've been dipping my toe in is social networking, Rheingold said in "Smart Mobs" that social networking would be the next killer app and it looks as though Facebook is the flavour riding the crest of that wave just now. Tony Hirst suggests that it might begin to look like a VLE and Martin Weller looks at what opening up the Facebook API might mean in the longer term. Anyways - I'm all Facebooked up and fascinated at the number of folk who have got themselves onto it.

2 careful considerations:

Sarah Horrigan said...

Admit it... you're also mildly addicted to Facebook too... it's okay... you're amongst friends...

Sarah ;o)

Echomouse said...

A friend invited me to facebook. I signed up and on and in and all that. Then promptly forgot about it.

Dare I say it, blogging is old?