Saturday, 14 July 2007

Home again!

Back from a week at OU Residential School. I was working as a learning adviser at the University of Sussex, looking after a group of science students. Great fun and not dissimilar to working on a holiday camp (done that so I know what I'm talking about!). It was hard work too though and I am completely cream-crackered right now, I've been asleep much of the day and now I'm trying to get the washing done.

In the photo I'm engaged in one of my favourite activities - opening a bottle of fizzy wine. This was to celebrate the retirement of a colleague who has spent 53 weeks at residential school since 1980. The orange tape attached to my belt has my keys on it - that way I don't lock myself out of any rooms - and the badge has a black strip behind the "Open University" wording showing that I'm staff. Student's badges are colour-coded to show the course they are studying, blue indicates SXR103.

2 careful considerations:

bluefluff said...

I can see that the orange tape might be a useful corrective to the fizzy wine :-)

Nogbad said...

The tape was given out at the Greenwich conference the week before - it had our ID badge but was a great way of seeing who was at the conference while wandering around the campus. At Sussex it was handy as the bedrooms had the fiercest "self closing" mechanism so wandering to the kitchen for a brew without my keys would have rendered me homeless.