Wednesday, 25 July 2007


Some might remember that there is a "magic" river through the village. It only runs every six or so years, the rest of the time it's a dry ditch - you can see a photo of the bridge we use to cross it to get to Jopper's Bank to watch cricket.

Anyways. Even after all the rain (and there's not been enough for flooding or damage down here) the river is still not showing any sign of flowing! Earlier in the year it was in water as far as World's Wonder (or some such which local name) but it receded. The other night I popped out to grab a glass of refreshment at The Mermaid and almost drowned wandering up the road but still no chance of a Bishopsbourne Regatta!

2 careful considerations:

bluefluff said...

Indeed it is a magical river - it wears a cloak of invisibility!

Echomouse said...

I was just going to say, it's like you live in Harry Potterland. lol