Sunday, 19 August 2007

1 - 0

Those of a non-footy disposition might want to miss out on this one but today the Super Blues won the Manchester derby by the only goal of the game. As it says on the BBC site:
"Sir Alex Ferguson's side have taken only two points from their first three games and the champions are now seven points behind City at the summit of the table."
Blue Moon!

4 careful considerations:

Unknown said...

Yes, Red Scum hovering just above the relegation zone, and Dr Thaksin's mercenaries three points clear at the top. Don't you wish the season could end next week?

Nogbad said...

Season ending next week? In a well ordered world it would but in some perverse way I'd like to see how much more this season might bring. Great to see that MOTM, young Micah, is a home-grown player and so is the goalie. Regarding mercenaries - is Tevez some sort of Darwinian throwback?

Paul Doleman said...

Tevez, isn't a throwback. He is in fact the missing link! Well he missed some sitters on Sunday.

My favorite moment of the day was walking into the depatures at Manchester Airport wearing a City shirt, have some Red tell me we were lucky and being able to say "well not everything at City has changed, we still stuggle against bottom of the table sides!".

Loving it!

bluefluff said...

That one even made the Danish Teletext news!!