Friday, 9 November 2007


Sending this from the bar of the Llandoger Trow in Bristol. Chilly night but everyone is outside so that they can have a smoke. This building dates from 1664 and features in 'Treasure Island'.
Famous feet have trodden these worn old boards; Alexander Selkirk met Daniel Defoe here and pirates sailed from the quay outside and Gowing and Rivers wrote in green ink.
Halcyon days and 5oz rumps.

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2 careful considerations:

Schorschi said...

But for POS, MOS, Marketing (Milk Bottles), Surf & Turf, Chef & Brewer,Pasta etc we could still be enjoying a small amontillado, Prawn Cocktail, 8oz Sirloin, Black Forest Gateau, an Irish Coffee & a whiff of Phil's Hamlet (or pipe) ...

Nogbad said...

I don't suppose many will understand any of that but it's still a valid view of a different world. Hendl Complet and ekbanks? :-)