Thursday, 22 November 2007

Unknown delights

I have to admit that beyond a dab of bleach and the stuff that makes the water in the cistern blue the mysteries of bathroom cleaning products were an alien world to me. Clearly I need to make sure that all is shipshape and Bristol fashion so I strayed down one of the two aisles I usually forgo (pet food in case you wondered about the other).

Bloody hell but there's a lot! Who would have thought that there could be so many ways of getting rid of limescale on plugholes? (Hands up all those who even knew that the white crusty crud was limescale!). Because I can cook I don't need Brillo pads to clean pans, I use those sponges with a green abrasive side, but I now find that they are available in white for cleaning baths. I'd hate anyone to think that I live in abject squaller but I wasn't aware of the sheer delight in stocking up on these gels and preparations which will transform my life.

On the packing side - blitzed the packing cases which had been untouched since I moved in here (3yrs 1 month) and now have 9 bags of recycling waiting for collection and just two neatly packed boxes - mainly books about exciting stuff like education and advice & guidance. Got rid of piles of old OU brochures from when I was doing some project work from home, equally large amounts of prospectuses (oldest dated 2000) from colleges and universities around the county - another legacy of project work.

3 careful considerations:

Kate said...

Well done!

Don't be overwhelmed by all those cleaning things - most of them are gimmicks. I think you can get away with a basic general purpose cleaner and some descaler and that's it. Oh yes - disinfectant, but only if someone is ill.

I minimise the use of antibacterials as they often kill the goodies and leave the field free of competition for the baddies.

Is There Life after Housework is the best book on cleaning ever. Very good chapter on what help to expect from husbands and children. :-)

Buggles Balham High Road said...

This is the only general cleaner you need Nog. Stardrops. It cleans everything. Floors, tiles, sinks, paintwork, carpets.

Always on the bottom shelf of the Supermarket and it costs about 75p a bottle.

Echomouse said...

I'm with Kate. Plus, a lot of different cleaners pollute your air in the home. You can get sick from it over time, or some people do.

Not sure if you have this in the UK but CLR is an awesome descaler.