Wednesday, 27 February 2008

For Mouse folk

Originally uploaded by nogbad the bad
I promised to show you where the apples grow. To the right of that barn, behind the trees, are the orchards. I've uploaded more photos showing views from the front and back of the house.

2 careful considerations:

Echomouse said...

You DO live in heaven on earth. Nog, that's an incredible spot. Thanks so much for sharing this photo.
I'm wondering if I have linked to you on my flickr. Have to check that now.

What kind of apples grow there? Are they good for making pies?

Nogbad said...

Yes we are joined in Flickrage so that's okay.

Lots of different apples and they sell apple juice in the shop and it's delicious. Dunno about pies but I often pop over and get apples to shove in pork casseroles and suchlike.