Sunday, 10 February 2008

Try as I might............

Fans raise their scarves before kick-offPlease believe me when I say that I tried to hold off from writing this post but I'm afraid I simply couldn't resist.

The last time City won at Old Trafford the scorer was Dennis Law, with a cheeky back heel, and United were relegated - that was in the mid 1970s. Since then we've had a few draws but we've not won. The last time we won both games against United in one season was 69/70 but on the day when both sets of fans came together to remember what Manchester lost 50 years ago it was City who got the points! Great photo from the BBC shows the fans holding up scarves provided to all fans by MUFC.

Blue Moon!

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Rob Spence said...

Great result. Just got back from a day in Manc city centre to take in Chinese New Year. Lots of glum lads in Utd shirts told us the story before we knew the score.
Benjani could be a very astute signing.