Monday, 7 April 2008


Laptop has died. I've rushed it over to a blokey in Ashford but it's not looking good. Being rubbish at these things I've not got a backup and I can only hope that the data on the disk is still readable as it has photos of the children which I can't replace as well as work and OU work. Totally not happy about this :-(

3 careful considerations:

Kate said...

I hope they can rescue it - I got one of these: after a similar incident. Still have to remember to use it though.

Echomouse said...

I'm so sorry Nog.

I've got a dead one too. With videos of Mom on it!

I know they can recover the data on hard drives so I'm going to cross my fingers you find someone to do that.
Hang in there. {Hug}

Nogbad said...

Thanks guys. New laptop on order and I have the old HDD in a caddy waiting to see if it can be read.