Sunday, 18 January 2009

Diet tips

Everyone knows that a large Cornish pasty from Ginsters contains all but two of the important food groups - the missing two are alcohol and chocolate.

But, I hear you say, what about those who don't eat meat? Clearly my first response is that you really should try - it's terribly good for you and generally tastes nice. If you still can't muster the energy to masticate a Burger King or a nice steak then this posting is for you.

Toblerone - product of a country known the world over for its fine cuisine, efficiency and the cuckoo clock. A whole Toblerone (the small size) contains fruit, nuts, honey and chocolate - all very healthy. The triangular shape is also very healthy and used for pyramids and tepees amongst other things. Don't skimp on all the goodness in a Toblerone - eat a whole one!

So my vegetarian friends - if you can summon the energy a Toblerone might just give you the strength to dial an Indian takeaway and get a Lamb Buhna or a Chicken Tikka.

More dietary tips to follow.

2 careful considerations:

Sarah Horrigan said...

Thank you for the tips, Nige... I consider my life enriched...

*sound of Sarah setting her firewall to block Nog's blog...* ;o)

Schorschi said...

Switzerland the land of the cuckoo clock? What on earth did you study in your year in Munich? Don't you remember having to drive around the roundabout near Lake Constance? Thereabouts begins the home of cuckoo clocks but on the north side not the south side.
Here a bit of Wiki: In 1629, many decades before clockmaking was established in the Black Forest, an Augsburg nobleman by the name of Philipp Hainhofer (1578-1647) penned the first known description of a cuckoo clock. The clock belonged to Prince Flector August von Sachsen.