Friday, 23 January 2009

Not waving

Heading home I heard that the motorway was closed so I decided to come back through the country lanes - lovely drive and 10 miles shorter but not quicker.

After Tunbridge Wells and past Paddock Wood I double back to cut through to Yalding. Onto Lees Road I was following a couple of cars and as we went round a bend the road was under water - not too much but more than a puddle. No big problems and we were all still fine. Further round the bend the water was higher but the end was in sight when a car went past, at speed, in the other direction - his bow wave splashed water high up the side of my car and the engine spluttered and died. In the middle of the road with water lapping against the bottom of the car. The engine simply wouldn't start so I put on the hazard lights and called for assistance. For nearly an hour I sat in the dark ,with water in the rear footwell, getting colder. Cars and a couple of council vans went by but only one stopped to check I was okay.

Finally the pick-up truck arrived and towed me to dry land where we tried to jump start the car - no joy so the front was hitched up and I was in the cab with the driver. Round the next bend the road was underwater and the police had blocked it. A number of cars were abandoned and the police were trying to get them moved.

Not the best trip home and the end of a hectic week - I'm due to be working tomorrow but unless the car has dried out and starts I can't see me getting there. Grrrr!

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