Sunday, 15 March 2009


I'm copying this from MCIVTA ("Manchester City information via the Alps"), an email fanzine, with the permission of the editor. I think it's a nice story which demonstrates yet again that people are generally nice despite the prevailing stories in the red tops.

Though for thousands of fans the UEFA Cup victory against Schalke will be remembered as City's best away win of the season, for one fan the trip to Gelsenkirchen had tragic consequences. As regular readers will know, Carl Ramsbottom, life long City fan, made the trip to Germany to watch his beloved blues and fell down a flight of stairs at a train station, suffering severe head injuries. Carl has been hospitalized in Germany ever since the event and the doctors alongside his family have been working hard in order to help Carl recover. From the dark however there is always a glimmer of light and this has come in the form of wonderful acts of charity from opposition fans. Only last month Schalke supporter Markus Rehse presented Carl and his family with a cheque for 2,500 euros which will go towards caring for Carl whilst he remains in Germany. Hughes told of the club's appreciation for the contribution: "It was fantastic to see how City and Schalke supporters stood together for Carl and I think this will forge a lasting bond between our two clubs. I would like to thank everyone so much for supporting the collection." Even before the contribution from the German side, a club a little closer to home got involved.

Ahead of the Boxing Day match between City and Hull, a Tiger's travelling fan took a look at the official City website in order to confirm travel details to CoMS. Whilst on the website, the Hull City fan known only as 'Tigger' read about Carl's situation and led a collection on the Hull City coaches in aid of Carl. The travelling fans donated more than £150.
From MCIVTA 1514, 12/03/09

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