Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Images online

MobypictureThe previous post, Misty morning, was a test of posting to Mobypicture. This is a service that hosts images which can be uploaded by email and thus from a range of mobile devices as well as larger PCs. It feeds other services and, for now at least, it's set to feed this blog and my Twitter account.

You might also have noticed that I'm using Twitpics
- it feeds a little widget down the side there. Twitpic provides a very similar service to that offered by Mobypicture but of late it's been unreliable. I thought I'd give them both a spin.

I'll use Mobypicture for images that I want to blog and Twitpic for images that won't have oodles of text.

Does that help exp
lain why it's all gone photos-a-gogo on this blog?

I think it's worth reflecting - yet again - on how quickly all this has arrived. Not long ago a digital camera was far too expensive for many people to own. The cost of storage meant that most companies could only store a few images and they'd usually be on a central server rather than on local PCs. Connection speeds were too poor to reliably host images online and web designers were very careful about using images because users with slow connections wouldn't hang around while the pictures download.

Fast moving world.

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