Monday, 15 June 2009

Explain yourself!

Every week I get a mail from Lijit with stats. Nobody, as yet, has bothered to use the Lijit search box at the bottom of this blog but I've found a way to cope with this and move on with my life. Interestingly it includes search terms people have used to find this blog and today I thought I'd share the top 20 terms. Some of you might have some explaining to do!

1. nogbad (6 times)
2. hobbies blogspot (2 times)
3. prince flector august von sachsen (1 time)
4. spooky car ad (1 time)
5. blokey things to do (1 time)
6. balloons blogspot (1 time)
7. ikea blogspot (1 time)
8. nog blog (1 time)
9. cider farts (1 time)
10. dd304 tma (1 time)
11. gabriel batistuta police hq image (1 time)
12. "linguistic dexterity" (1 time)
13. this fortress built by nature for herself (1 time)
14. ou a207 (1 time)
15. dc stephen oakes (1 time)
16. google street view naughty (1 time)
17. ou a207 summary (1 time)
18. trains to sussex downs college eastbourne (1 time)
19. sid clark pilot (1 time)
20. spent an evening with lola or layla. she said make me... (1 time)

First up - I have no idea about number 3 and numbers 10 and 17 you shouldn't be looking on the web for TMA stuff! Number 9? Number 16? Railtrack is better for number 18. But number 20 - this really puzzles me.

Any answers anyone? C'mon, I'm waiting!

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