Friday, 26 June 2009

Health issues

Frequent fliers will remember that last year we went to Horsham for a bit of cricket. This year we're heading further afield - to Taunton next week. Of course this imposes certain dietary restrictions. The following from Phil;

"Is cider the only drink we shall be allowed next week, a health drink I'll grant you, and it counts towards our five a day ( a fairly tame target I think we shall achieve without too much trouble) but we should consider sloe gin, plumb vodka etc and a strange beer I had the other day in Wetherspoons that had coriander in it!"
So you'll see that we're taking our health concerns seriously and if anyone is in any way concerned about the well-being of three elderly gents in the West Country at least you'll note that we're being sensible about what we eat :-) (I have suggested that the beer with coriander is more likely to be an accident with some garnish falling off a sandwich)

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