Friday, 3 July 2009

Last of the summer beer

For those who have seen the tweets about beer and the photos I thought I'd just explain what it's all about.

Paul, Phil and I worked together 20 years ago, at that time we were auditors with Berni Inns. For the last few years we've got together to watch some cricket. We've visited Canterbury, Scarborough and Horsham in the past - Phil and Paul are cricket fans and have been doing this for far longer but I muscled in to lower the tone. The venue is planned at the start of the year when the fixture list is released; we aim for somewhere pretty with decent beer and we've now added the "Third Day Trip". The only fixed part of the format is that we park on arrival and don't use our cars until it's time to leave and that determines how far from the ground we can stay. The "Third Day Trip" started last year when we jumped on a train and visited Bognor and Arundel and this year we went to Minehead.

Minehead was a great deal nicer than Bognor and my favourite pub of the week is The Queen's Head in Minehead.The Queen's Head - Minehead

Best pint is a harder call because there are so many to chose from but I think it's the Nutcracker from Cotleigh, a local brewer. We enjoyed that in the Castle Green in Taunton.

Best meal (not too many to pick from) was fish, chips and mushy peas in a lovely place in Minehead.

The service on the West Somerset Railway is nothing short of excellent and I can't remember the last time I went anywhere with such happy and welcoming staff (many are volunteers). Well worth a visit and some lovely countryside on the journey.

If anyone wants to see the rest of the photos they are on Flickr.

Next year? Well we're going to see where Lancashire might play any away games but that's not big deal - I'm sure we'll find something to do wherever we end up.

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