Saturday, 18 July 2009

Some congratulations

Congratulations to Patrick who collected his BA (Hons) Music on Tuesday. He's still useless at recognising AC/DC lyrics or listing winners of the Eurovision Song Contest but I blame Nottingham University - obviously they are dumbing down. I can only hope doing a Masters will fill in these crucial gaps in his musical education.

Congratulations to Sam who collects her BA (Hons) in Linguistics this coming week. Because she has wanderlust she's heading off to yet another university for Masters.

Congratulations to Caz for passing her first year with a First. I'm sure Emma has also done something wonderful but there was no mention - her French is coming along well though.

These folk are members of the residential school team at Sussex so if anyone is in the area make sure you say "well done!". And congratulations to all the people who attended week one - staff and students - it was a jolly week.

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