Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Location, location, location

While waiting for my Chinese takeaway I thought I'd show the good folk of blogland something of the village of Coxheath. First some context,

Until the 1700's the heath was a deserted tract of land which was the haunt of highwaymen.

The deserted heath remained that way until in 1756, twelve thousand Hanoverian and Hessian soldiers were encamped on the heath. This large influx of foreign soldiers caused bad feelings within the local area.

So now to the present day

This is, as the sign says, the Chinese takeaway. Excellent food at sensible prices.

Here we see the Chinese on the left and, past the bakers, Coxheath Tandoori - mouthwatering Indian food to enjoy in the comfort of your own home.

Finally and taken from the same place - the front of the Chinese looking towards the Indian restaurant and takeaway (yes another one but not shown here) we see Threshers Off Licence. There is also a kebab shop, a fish and chip shop, a Londis, two butchers, two newsagents, a charity shop, a chemist and other less useful things. All spaced around the corner from which I took these photos. There is also a car park behind the shops and here you can see the pull-in area for parking outside the essential shops.

It's difficult to see what more a bloke might need when it comes to purchasing the essentials.

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