Tuesday, 18 August 2009


Cal and I have decided on a project. We're going to take photographs of 10 things which define Kent. Our list (currently) is

  1. Countryside (this is the Garden of England)
  2. A castle - which one is yet to be decided, might be Dover or Leeds or Rochester or another one
  3. Beaches in hot weather
  4. Canterbury cathedral
  5. A pub - probably a Shepherd Neame house
  6. Hops/Oast house
  7. Eurostar
  8. White cliffs
  9. Invicta - the white horse
  10. Sheps Brewery
This is a very loose stab and we'll be changing this - anyone who has any suggestions please offer them. The images will be on Flickr and when we've decided on the best ones I'll put them here too. This project has no set end date.

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