Tuesday, 1 June 2010

It's come to this

Here are the materials for DD208 laid out for review. I'm taking some time out this week - I should have been heading north but that's not certain now, what is certain is that I have an exam for this course in a couple of weeks time so a spot of revision might be in order. In case it's not clear in the image the printed paper front and centre is the catchily titled "Penalisation of poverty and the rise of neo-liberalism" by Loic Wacquant (European Journal on Criminal Policy and Research 9: 401 - 412, 2001).  The course is rich in "social sciences porn" type DVDs; lots of film of earnest looking chaps asking "normal" people (innocent bystanders?) seemingly trivial questions and we're invited to draw lots of pertinent conclusions from the innocuous answers. Education is a social science so I'm used to this type of enquiry but not so much and certainly not accompanied by a full multimedia experience. It's a smashing course though and well worth doing - I've enjoyed it even though (like everyone else I suppose) I wish I'd had more time to get into all the detail.

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