Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Out of the way

Memorial, East MallingExam done and dusted. It's the first one I've taken in eight years, the courses since then have all had an end of course assessment, an extended piece of work rather than three hours mano a mano with a blank answer book and equally blank mind.

Despite advising others on exam techniques I'm a nightmare for days before and for a short time after the event but I'm generally okay at the time. Today was fine, arrived good and early and got my bearings. Grabbed a coffee and did the nervous chat with others. East Malling is a really good venue and the invigilating team did a great job of making sure people weren't overly stressed by the preamble. By then I was sitting in my seat with my pens and mints and water and ruler and ID and I was keen rather than stressed. Afterwards I also need some headspace so I went for a wander round East Malling church and took some photos of the church and surroundings (it didn't take long, EM isn't the largest place in the world). And here's a photo I'm pleased with. More from the set, including the lovely church, are on Flickr.

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