Saturday, 28 May 2005


Saturday and the phone's been ringing already! Offering technical support at a distance is okay but there comes a time when you can go no further using someone else's eyes and hands so Stuart is taking his poorly PC into Sheffield to see if someone can breath life into it.

On the upside - I'm off to Swindon later for a beer, that will be fun!

3 careful considerations:

Pelicanhellican said...

Hey, you should have said earlier! My neighbour, Anna, is in Swindown this weekend.
What's happening there? Is it the in place to be over Bank Holiday?
Maybe I'd better pack me a holdall?
Have a great time.

Bluefluff said...

What's the betting more than one beer's involved? :-)

Nogbad said...

Had a couple, nice natter and now back at HQ wondering why nobody broke in and did the ironing while I was away! :-)