Tuesday, 31 May 2005

Tuesday already.

Back to work with a bump after chilling out yesterday and redesigning bits of my web site (yes I know it's weird but I find it relaxing and fun!). Today has me cleaning the house while working as I'm collecting two of the children later, they will be here for a couple of nights so work will be during the times that they are asleep or otherwise engaged.

Click here for the Live8 website

The news is rightly full of the announcements about "Live8" and the "Make poverty history" campaign. If you haven't visited this site get in there and send an email to Tony Blair asking that he acts on the pre-election promise to work night and day before the G8 summit in July to stop the needless deaths in Africa. It'll cost you now't and it's just another way that individuals can make changes in big systems and you can help try to save 800 million lives - now that has to be worth a few moments of your time doesn't it?

And I still cannot find my glasses - it looks as though the worst case scenario has come to pass and I've finally lost them. In the short-term no big deal but as newspaper publishers and the people who print OU material seem to be using smaller and smaller typefaces I guess I'll have to get my eyes checked again and a new pair but when balanced against the paragraph above it really isn't a problem at all is it?

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