Tuesday, 27 March 2007

In 2005-6 3.8m children were in poverty - in homes on less than 60% of average income including housing costs.

In the developed world.
In Britain.
After the crowing over another successful year for the economy.
And this number is increasing.

2 careful considerations:

bluefluff said...

I'm always a little sceptical about presentation of statistics in terms of averages - inevitably there will be instances below the "average" to balance out the instances above the average, cos that's how it works. There's not much point being outraged that some people fall below the average (in any area of life) because unless we all live identikit lives, with standard incomes, the "average" will reflect the fact that some ger more & some get less.
A far more telling story, to my mind, was the report of some banking exec earning £22 million - that is an obscene distance above the average (& for what? ripping off customers? Customers who are by definition poorer than him?).
I hope he finds it in his heart to give £21 million of that to charity & still wallow in his above-average earnings.

Rob Spence said...

"earning" is teh wrong verb. That banker *received* 22 mill...