Monday, 12 March 2007

Healthy eating II

My search for healthy (less fattening) eating is being driven by my current cessation of smoking - I'm growing like a balloon and I am the size of a small family car now. Anyways - anything stir fried is healthy right? Stir frying is done in a wok - with me so far? Thus anything cooked in a wok is healthy. Did you know that it's possible to cook chips in a wok?

7 careful considerations:

kat said...

Half a teaspoon of peanut oil will not allow you to cook many chips.

spring onions
root ginger (loads of it in big thick chunks)
cashew nuts - just a few

Chardonnay - in a glass

That's a proper meal - the only one I can cook.

bluefluff said...

Chocolate chips, or potato chips?
Google gives it a thumbs down, I'm afraid:

Your search - "stir fried chips" - did not match any documents.

If you're obliged to eat them raw, it may be better to go for the chocolate sort :-)

Nogbad said...

Huh? At what stage in the evolution of humanity did we decide that if it wasn't in Google it wasn't true?

Fill a wok with oil, get it to smoking point (technical frying term) and sling in some sliced and washed King Eddies.

Stir as they fry.

Stir fried in a wok and thus healthy. I have couple of qualifications in this stuff so be careful before bullying me further you two! :-)

Tina said...
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Tina said...

Veggies stir fried with a splash of olive oil is not only delicious but also great for weight loss and for someone who hates cooking! A few years ago, when I didn't work, I used to have stir fried veggies every lunchtime instead of bread and it seemed to work for me.

To add to Kat's list: broccoli, pine nuts, celery, courgettes and a lickle bit of sliced ham. Yummy and rather inventive for a if-it's-not-out-of-a-bag-
kinda gal like myself!

Well done of giving up the ciggies. What you gonna spend all those saved pennies on?!

NB Blogger doesn't like long, hyphenated phrases and chooses to ignore half of them if you don't hit the enter key, hence me deleting my first comment.

Wavy Davy said...

It works with other things too - I've been experimenting since I read your "chips" tip. Try the following, singly or all together!

Black Pudding
Baked Beans
Plum Tomatos
A splash of Extra Virgin Olive Oil (If you must!)

Hang on - that's the recipe for a Full English!

Nogbad said...

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm full English stir fry! That works big style and is totally healthy because of the use of the wok!