Wednesday, 14 March 2007

A new badge perhaps?

I've never trusted them anyway - far too neat and squeaky clean, nothing like my life. And now they've been found out and shown to be cheats - now I know why I didn't ever win one of those badges! Blue Peter has been caught up in the fall out from the premium rate telephone scams being run by TV stations. It's strange that they have been hit like this given that the real crims are the people running late night shows with nonsense answers to simple questions and nobody taking calls while you are paying through the nose on hold. All poor old Blue Peter did was falsify the winner of a phone in competition because they couldn't get the kit to work so that they could have a phone in winner. It's not even as though they pretended that the outcome of a live event could be determined by callers when, in reality, the person supposedly in that live event was actually broadcasting live on a national radio station and the "live" event that people were calling about was really prerecorded. A round up of the crop of phone scandals is here and shows just how much money is involved! Maybe Blue Peter will bring out a new badge?

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