Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Government in "Stunning lack of joined-up thinking" shocker

The Conservatives are adding to protests against government plans to cut funding from students taking a second undergraduate degree.

You probably won't be too surprised to know that I'm very interested in this subject. If this proposal isn't stopped the OU stands to lose over £30M and that's going to affect everyone rather than just those students who the government think should be targeted. I've got letters from a handful of MPs - two opposing and one from Bill Rammell, Minister for Lifelong Learning, explaining that it's far fairer if they shift what is - to government - pennies and ha'pennies because it's a great vote winner with those who think that a degree is something that only rich folk can get anyway.

Get behind this - if only by looking at some of the proposals - because it stands a chance of damaging adult education in this country in ways that HM government simply haven't considered.

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