Sunday, 13 January 2008

Thoughts from Sy

Sy and I used to share some office space. Suggesting we worked together would almost certainly breach all sorts of laws about accuracy; I'm not sure either of us worked but even if we did the idea that our short bursts of work-like activity coincided stretches the imagination beyond bursting point. Anyways..... Sy is a techy and now he's blogging too!

I recommend his posting extolling the virtues of an environmentally sensible lifestyle as an entry point to the world of Sy but sample the other goodies on display too.

1 careful considerations:

Kev said...

I would say we worked hard. OK, so this is worked hard on not working. And frankly, I think we achieved out goal, so it is something to be proud of!

I hope I haven't scared any of your readers though! I am normal...promise!!