Wednesday, 9 January 2008


Try as I might I can't find evidence of Mr Ed Balls, Children's Secretary, spending any time at all involved in educational research. I can, however, find evidence of this story having been run ever since the invention of children.

Children should spend less time playing computer games and more time reading with their parents, the Children's Secretary Ed Balls has said. There was a danger that reading was getting pushed out by television, the internet and computer games, he warned
I can imagine parents meeting in the 15th century to complain that children should be out playing rather than reading and that Mr Caxton had a lot to answer for!

I wonder if someone will finally realise that rolling out a politician to kiss children might impress a few Sun readers but most of can read and we're not at all taken in by this kind of crass self-promotion and his argument is baseless and spurious.

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Echomouse said...

You're right. I think kids need a rest for their eyes and hands by playing outside. But reading is very important too. I dunno. the world is going to hell anyway. lol